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meet kate!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Kate arrived here all the way from New Zealand.

A young woman of many talents and much wit, in no time she became a fundamental force in our forming organisation.

She turned the kitchen into the living heart of our home, attracting in the village's adults and children alike with the sweet smell of her baking. But she wouldn't stop there.. In the studio her extraordinary craftiness was put into use to produce a wonderful set of handmade meditation cushions and her sharp mind and organisational and administrative skills provided a solid support for the production of the studio's first projects.

But above all was her great spirit and friendship.. enough words though.. we'll let the pictures speak for themselves /

With the changing of the seasons it was time to let this great gift continue on her journey.. hoping one day it will return her to us!

Oh Kate..

this one is for you!



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