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join us for a weekend of creative exploration and inspiration at our creative fall gathering

this event is open to all creatives who seek to embrace their inner dragon as a source for alchemy magic

through a variety of workshops and activities, you'll
discover new ways to express yourself artistically
and connect with a varied circle of artists and creatives

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want to actively take part in the gathering ?

orarca calls upon artists such as/

musicians / sound artist / djs

visual /  new media / light / installation / performance art to share their art, vision, and passion with our circle of creatives!


as well as / volunteers who would like to assist in the production by any means


please fill out a performer / volunteer form request and let us get back to you shortly

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artistic concept
concept /

the creatives fall gathering, aspires to serve as a vibrant hub for the exploration of the fusion of contemporary art, digital and electronic expressions, with the pure essence of nature, organic forms, and traditional craftsmanship.


our focus is live, vibrational, and original, all inspired by the profound beauty of the natural world.


this event brings together creative minds from diverse realms to explore the possibilities that emerge at the intersection of their diverse perspectives, forging new artistic frontiers.

 program /

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