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primer brote / crystal lab sessions

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The Crystal Lab Sessions, held in our Studio this winter as part as Primer Brote, the first event of the season, were dedicated to live immersive sessions of sensory resonance and reflection.

Three sessions were held throughout the event; DayLight Tea Harmonics, Sunset Elevation and Night Sparks, each holding its own unique colour & vibe. We invited small groups into the studio space to

experience the vibrating installation from within, they were composed of singing crystal balls; resonating the frequencies of the chakras and video mapped prisms that were carefully placed to reflect the dancing rainbow light beams throughout the space.

Acting as both a creative lab for exploring the subtle qualities of light and sound, and as a meditative ceremonial space that invites participants into quiet presence. The serving of tea, inspired by Zen traditions, was an essential part of the daylight session.

The Sunset Elevation session, accompanied by a Japanese ambient set, brought us gradually into the night celebration atmosphere.

As the evening continued, the open terrace filled up with our beautiful local community, brimming with artists and musicians that played live sounds and enjoyed our original oven baked pizza by Cristian complete with short night sessions in the lab, that carried a very energetic, festive vibe.

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