creative agents of the leading edge are called upon to take part in the creation the centre's first season of activity.

join us in the exploration of new frontiers of creation and being


orarca is currently building its core team, that would hold within it the variety of skills, necessary for the implementation of its vision.

you are invited to join us here, taking part in the creation process.

design & set up

the process of developing the first season of activity, would involve the designing and setting up of outdoor spaces resonating the power of nature's elements.


these spots of alignment, will serve as platforms for transformative experiences of dynamic and static nature, holding a range of immersive light and sound experiences, performances and sessions of energetic alignment and healing.


we would like to implement in the design process, the principals of ecological awareness, integrating the use of natural and local materials, organic and even primitive approach, together with the development of sustainable energy systems and the use of new media technologies.

please share with us your passion and realm of expertise you believe could contribute to the co creation process!

field of expertise
thank you 

orarca is looking for an events and special projects coordinator, to help materialise the centre's vision for its' first season of activity.


-experience in production of art & wellness events

-good english and spanish

-availability for 3 months onsite, residing at our water - mountain station, in south of spain 

please send us your cv and personal letter to our email info@orarce.org


get into our kitchen and do your magic!

we like to build a healthy menu to nurture ourselves, based on our amazing organic garden and local ingredients.

if you have passion for cooking and can see yourself managing the kitchen and catering special concept food for our events, please share with us your experience, philosophy and influences when it comes to food!

please write us to email info@orarca.org


the second part of the season would be composed of a series of art and wellness events, each offering a 3 day program, hosting musicians, visual artists, performers, therapists, healers and teachers of a variety of escuelas.


we wish to offer participants the chance to retreat from their everyday surroundings and share their gifts, knowledge and wisdom.


our spaces of resonance, set in pure nature and equipped with advanced audio-visual systems, would serve as platforms for vibratory live performances. we invite digital, sound and performance artists, to take part in our season's program and fill these spaces with light, sound and movement. 

we welcome contents that range between ecstatic and meditative nature, that hold a dialogue between nature, body, mind and the machines, use sacred geometry, organic and ceremonial motives, as a doorway to the divine.  

thank you 

we seek out practitioners and teachers of various therapies, bodywork, martial arts, alternative medicine, yoga, meditation and spiritual guidance, to join our assemblies, and share with us their wisdom and knowledge.

we are craving avant guard content, that implements traditional tools and wisdom together with an open contemporary approach, to help guide us through our energetic journeys.


what practice do you use to teach and guide others?

get in touch and let us know! 

type of activity
thank you 

music and sound can be powerful tools of balance, expansion, connection and transcendence. we aspire to host a variety of live acts and sets that would embody our vision of bridging the gap between meditation and celebration, spirit and science, tradition and technology. bringing to life our spaces of alighnment.

please share your vibes with us!

thank you for joining!