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join us on a conscious dance journey,

in pure nature​

concept /

dancing is an amazing tool of connecting to our body, spirit and the present moment. for us, it's all about exploring new ways of moving through this world. the cosmic flow dance sessions are part of the worldwide ecstatic dance movement, emphasising the creation of a conscious dance space, where all are welcome to join together through the cosmic vibrations, in a shared experience of presence , liberation and joy

guidelines /


be present    no phones

              no cameras​

be embodied   no talking
be clear      no intoxicants
be consensual listen for a yes
              respect a no
be grounded   no shoes
be free       move as you wish
              no judgment 

the session is a journey to be experienced fully. please arrive early. bring some water. during the session you may take brakes to recharge.

the experience is not suited for young children. 

registration /

we have a limited number of spaces, to participate in the session, please register here. you shell receive confirmation to your email. in case of any change in plan, due to whether or any other reason, we will do our best to notify you, as soon as possible.
please leave your donation of min 5 euro in the basket, as you arrive at the session, thank you!
thank you

when & where /

the next session is scheduled for saturday 17/10, 1730-1900.

in open air, a few minutes walk from atalbéitar, la taha.

you'll receive full details upon registration.

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