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water mountain station
2024 / season 5
el molino / water mountain station


come take part in the last chapter of orarca at it's current base,
at the molino / water mountain station.

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would you like to help out in the production or perhaps participate in the program for our last event?

fill out the form so we can connect 🙏🏻


our ceremonial celebration of graduation
honouring the molino’s unique energetic imprint and harnessing its’ potential for ascendance, as orarca completes its’ cycle here and prepares to embark on the journey to its new destination 💫 


the event is set to explore the seam line between ceremonial sacred space, and that of a lucid celebration.
divided into 2 main parts, allowing you to choose your individual journey /

the first part starting in the afternoon and ending before midnight, will allow space for the early blessings and farewells, gently embarking the voyage to the realms of the higher spheres. the second part starting at midnight and ending at dawn, will take us on a deep journey up the spheres, and is suited for the more experienced travellers. 

as our space can hold a rather intimate circle, we encourage you to reserve your spot asap,
and enjoy a discounted participation fee.



techno-zen centre

creating vibrational wellness art, in resonance with nature and the integration of new technology  


the centre offers a nourishment station for creative agents and experts from a variety of intersected fields. allowing them to retreat of their everyday life, reconnect with nature and their own inner beings, and take part in the centre's vibrational wellness art program.

through research, exploration, ritual and play we aspire to develop new tools and environments to facilitate transformative experiences of healing, awareness, presence, liberation and joy.


we wish to create a community of co-creators, coming together to share their gifts, knowledge and wisdom. exploring and celebrating together the mystery and beauty of life.


orärca is currently porting its' headquarters at a most pure and energetically charged location, somewhere along an old walking path of the high alpujarras mountains of granada’s sierra nevada (south of spain).


the space is a reformed old mill, that used to run on the power of the ever flowing water streams running down the mountain.


the molino, has two main units. the one is the main house built along the natural rock of the mountain. entering a stone patio with a water fuente (spring water), on one side is the kitchen and on the other the salon and sleeping unit.


the other part, on the other side of the camino (walking path), has a beatiful open stone terrace, and our studio unit.

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