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the rise of tipi

One of the focal points of 2020 has been the development of our onsite infrastructures, to enable sustainable activity within the natural environment.

We were so excited to put up the Tipi space out on the land. The process itself was a great practice of team work and later on we could enjoy the unique new space for creative activities and cozy camping experiences.

Starting from the ground up, we flattened a nice circle of earth and went on to figure out how to secure the floor and mount up the tent..

Here's the time-lapse summarising the whole process /

and than there it was, in all it's glory, calling us to come inside..

and so the details were coming together.. little by little the space was dressed up, becoming cosier and more inviting. With its' little wood burner, custom made rugs and so on.

It was just a matter of time before creativity kicked in and our art crew went in for nightly sessions, transforming the space into a ceremonial spaceship of vibration /

In-house Musician, Nick Tyler and Collaborator Artist, Armelle Boussidan creatively exploring the space


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