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resurrected skies

At the midst of deep winter, a gentle couple appeared on the path leading to the molino. Arturo Garcia, sound artist and musician from Galicia and Fanny Paillard a visual artist and photographer from France, have stayed with us for a couple of weeks, focusing on an artistic process full of curiosity and wander.

"We landed here, in the south of Spain, on the path to Atalbeitar, to the mill. A coffee with Michal and the desire to reset our creative minds, to drop our luggage and our hearts, to open up and discover ourselves in the middle of this mountainous landscape found its opportunity."

"And so, immersed in the scenery of the Alpujarras, Ressurected Skies was born, fuelled by the shared desire to make this meeting and this future residence a place of experimentations. To share an artistic view of our impressions of this special place and the nature that surrounds it, play with its emblematic elements, making sound, silence and matter vibrate {inside - outside}

Then to offer a moment of conviviality through a poetic and participative parenthesis, during the opening evening. With all our new friends and happy onlookers, making this beautiful night and installation exist."

Poetic impressions of the landscape around and the desire to touch upon the inherent essence of the natural elements within it, gave birth to a new meditative landscape with the potential to open new dimensions of perception and sensitivity.

This ephemeral sensory installation was a sonic, interactive, visual and textural journey, with Arturo García’s soundtracks, images filmed by Fanny Paillard, editing and projections by Michal Hermon, in a etting co-created in the Orarca center Studio.

Here are the highlights of that magical night /


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