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los encountros del dragon

creatives gathering

This autumn, the theme of our main event was the creative force of the inner dragon. A collective of creatives from the realms of art, music, therapy, plant medicine, and more gathered at Molino/Water Mountain Station for a weekend of exploration and co-creation.

Together we embarked on a creative journey with the intention to harness the magical power of the dragon to face our fears and transcend our emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. Our hope was to discover new ways to express and share our gifts. The concept was inspired by the cosmic event that was unfolding that weekend / a meteor shower in the Draconidis belt 🐲💫.

The weekend began on Friday with a Sound and Light bath, tuning our vibes as we opened the circle and dove into the realms of creativity together. Michal Hermon was playing the crystal bowls seated under an installation of crystals, and as the sun set, Christina Gerg’s video art of glimmering abstract plant imagery, was projected through the installation and into the space, enhancing the atmosphere.

Saturday started with a gentle flow. Between a morning meditation on the mill's roof and a lavish brunch, we got to know each other better, shared some of our creative gifts, and relaxed, conserving our energy for the peak of the program later on.

In the afternoon, local friends and creative agents from the village led us on a meditative nature walk up to the Mesquita, revealing the land's glory from above. Juan Montero shared a session of Flow and Chi, a form of dynamic meditation and visualization he had developed. After stoking our inner fire and consciousness through movement, we enjoyed a zen picnic at the summit, watching the sunset before returning to the mill where preparations for the night’s celebration were underway.

Dragon Night began with our inner circle of collaborators and volunteers coming together to pray and tune to the vibration of higher realms and peace.

We then activated the whole space in a synchronized movement, inviting more guests to join us.

The night was colorful and diverse in its artistic and creative expressions. The local village singer, Sander Clasen, filled the air with his powerful voice and lyrics, Cristian crafted gorgeous Italian pizza in our stone oven, and Lizzie Willemijn infused special herbal potions, usind her knowledge of local herbs and plant medicine to tailor individual drinks. Manuel Navarrete Lòpez, besides playing an earthy opening set, gave a live painting session, using natural pigments over a large canvas. DJ Alvararito played a flowing cosmic progressive techno set on the terrace, and the studio's chill zone was lit with live visuals by Christina and Lulu Play. The night's final awe-inspiring performance was Big Diamond's (Hanna Malinka) Flamenco-Krump dance, a unique fusion of two distinct cultural expressions of music and movement.

Sunday marked the final day of our program. In the afternoon, we gathered for the Inner Dragon Journey, an Art Therapy workshop led by psychologist Sally Brown. Through visualization, music, and movement, we focused on harnessing the power of our inner dragon to face and transcend our creative blockages, opening up our creative flow. We each took time to visually explore and express our emotions and energetic visions, later sharing and reflecting on each other’s processes and themes.

As the sun set once again, it was time for the Star Gazing Closing Ceremony. Lying by the fire under the starry skies, we engaged in a deep integration ritual, listening to a live electro-acoustic set by sound designer Claire Marshall, inspired by the Greek origin myths of the Draco. Her enchanting sounds honored both past and present, drawing on a layered storytelling approach.

It was a wonderful time for reflection and observation as we connected once more to the power of the cosmos and prepared to return to our daily lives with a greater awareness of the dragon energy within ourselves and others.


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