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into the forest

As the days grew shorter and Autumn turned the leaves to shades of orange and yellow, we were drawn deep into the forest. On explorations of this rich natural environment, we found ourselves in a magical spot in the valley, where the elements dance in perfect harmony. Tuning in to the fine balance maintaining the ever changing flow of life, we surrendered to the spirit of the forest, her nature and her wisdom.

This is a place of peace, joy and clarity, where Earth gives birth to heaven.

We connected to the spirit of the forest, letting her reveal herself to us and guide our movement. We played as children play, using all our senses to connect and be present. The orange palette of autumn has struck us deeply, glowing in the sunsets light.

This inspired connection gave birth to our first Water Mountain Tours Art Event, featuring a special musical set created by our core team artist and collaborator Nick Tyler.

Sounds of the forest were recorded, processed, and fed back into the space in an ambient electro meditative set, that was shared with an intimate group of friends at the Inner Forest Journey, nature-art event.

“The natural soundscape of the forest is very beautiful. I wanted to work with the sounds I was hearing and play with them to acoustically augment what is already there. One example of this was recording a nearby steam and isolating individual frequencies to create ethereal textures and melodies which retain the character of the water. I also recorded the sounds of the bird song in the area then gradually added layers of effects to give a sense of entering a hyperdimensional space.”

As we relax into a state of meditation, the music evolves and transforms, held and supported by a pulsating heartbeat echoing the nature of the living and breathing forest. Opening up to the energetic peak of autumn’s passionate sunset energy, a mantra emerges, sending us on an inner dance. Fire is the inner chi. Fire is the energy.

A million thanks to our mega talented friend and collaborator, Maxi Kohan, that once again managed to capture the hearts and souls of our people and the spirit of the forest. We are so grateful to have these beautiful pictures and video to share with you. Enjoy!


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