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formaciones emocionales

improv-dance workshop

The friendship and ongoing collaboration with our fellow Mountaineer and multi disciplinary artist Hanna Malinka, has given birth to a unique art-dance workshop focused on the expression and release of emotions through a creative group journey.

Hanna´s varied talents and forms of artistic expression are ranging from traditional dance styles like Flamenco to contemporary Hip Hop styles like Krump, all the way to visual arts such as Painting, Installation and Performance. That, combined with her great enthusiasm for teaching was the fountain of the unique approach to sculpturing a choreography through a creative and emotional process she has brought to the soft clover field of Orārca. Giving us as individuals and as a circle of vibrant women the perfect settings to connect with our inner movement, expressing our joys, sorrows and a whole spectrum of states in between.

We were using our feelings and improvisation techniques to find movements to express ourselves. Starting from our own little movement sequence, going over to duets, trios and in the end putting it all together to an entire choreography that was created in a team process. This creative process, with the guidance and encouragement of Hanna, really served as a tool for emotional release and transformation.

Lastly came the creative aspect of capturing the choreography. We've placed a little 360º camera, hanged above the centre of the clover field were we danced, and later edited the materials, to bring out the highlights and the dynamic compositions created in our choreography.

Enjoy our Video and we see you soon at the clover field for more dance workshops!


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