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el huerto / check out our veg garden!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

One of the first foundations we set up for our techno zen nutrition station was, naturally, planting a veg garden. During the Spring we took time to prepare the ground, select seedlings for planting, and with the help of our local experts and volunteers, a simple traditional irrigation system was designed

and put in place.

It is hard to convey in words the deepening of the connection to the earth element that goes with the everyday work in the garden, watching the little seedlings, that were just planted and blessed a

couple of months ago, grow and produce fruits for us to enjoy…

We are already enjoying lush lettuces, rucola, leeks, celery and (huge) zucchinis as part of our everyday diet! The multiple varieties of tomatoes are on the way as well as sweet peppers, aubergines, carrots and radishes! We'll keep you posted on the upcoming crops and the culinary

organic delights they will produce!


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