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anankha / live prismatic ceremony

We are happy to present the first production of the artist residency program at Orarca: Anankha, a live prismatic ceremony.

Anankha is a multisensorial vibrational journey through the elements activating the elevation of spirit to subtle realms of energy.

Blending video art with installation, sound and performance, Anankha is a meditative journey through the vibrations of the Molino, from its fresh waters into its immense starry skies. The journey is designed to open up to the vibrational patterns of the nature surrounding us.

Anankha was born of an encounter.

It all started back in the spring of 2020. Faith and common friends from the other corner of the mountains brought with them a very special soul, visionary artist Armelle Boussidan to the Molino, where the connection with Michal Hermon, Orārca’s founder and visual artist was formed. Anankha later welcomed sound artist Nick Tyler to come to completion.

A visionary process of co-creation spontaneously emerged, with the intuitive idea of activating a hidden energetic portal.

With the guidance of spirit they dove into the energetic realm of water, light and organic form. Asking themselves how can art be practiced as a form of a sacred ritual? In what way can it open a doorway to the experience of the divine? How can it help us in realizing the vibrational nature of reality? What magic can emerge from the dialogue between the spirit of nature and technology?

First, vibrations were collected and sampled: the energy of the elements, their colors, their light, their sounds, and the deep feelings they stir in us.

These impressions were then taken to the Lab, where they were echoed through prisms, to create layered visuals, a practice that Michal had been working with for some time. Samples of plants, crystals and water vessels, along with prisms and mirrors were combined.

Through this process the hidden grids emerged, revealing the mapping of invisible realms of subtle energy.

The material was then organized into semantic groups to create the narrative for a journey, emerging organically.

From the lab, the artwork was taken to our ceremony space: the tipi. The methods of indirect projection that were developed during the studio sessions were implemented, using mirrors, prisms and revolving trays to create an organic, immersive and dynamic projection.

Preparing for the ceremony / pictures by Maxi Kohan Photography

The creation of the soundtrack happened very naturally as well. The sound of the running water streams and the richness of their various patterns of flow, were captured with the original video samples. They became an integral part of the nightly studio sessions, together with the sound meditation recordings of NTM sound, designed to promote relaxation, clarity and introspective self-exploration.

And as the timeline of the experience was being formed, in-house musician resident, Nick Tyler, joined the crew, resampling and mastering the natural water sounds together with his own compositions and NTM’s recordings,

to create a live sound journey.

Anankha is a portal, a door to subtle realms of energy and vibration, grounded in a stunning natural environment.

As gatherings start to take place again, we hope to invite you soon to join the ceremony, to share the treasure that we were so honoured to discover together, through this guided process of co-creation, with more circles, thus spreading the healing vibrations of Anankha throughout the world.

Here's the testimony of Bar who participated in one of the live sessions /

"Thanks to the beautiful curation of sounds and images, the warmth and intimacy of the teepee setting, and the synchronisation and coordination between the talented Michal and Armelle, we got to go on a journey to the heart of the nature surrounding the molino. It felt like an immersive daydream under the sun, on the rocks and in the waters, like a love song to Mother Nature where we were showered with her glorious sounds, lights and colors."


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